Garshom TV is a real-time IP Television Channel in Malyalam, exclusively showcase the life and different facets of Malayalee expats around the Globe. A great value entertainment media in HD, a 24/7 broadcasting on the web. Watch us live on

Indian immigrants have gone to many countries in search of a better livelihood in far-away lands, or in look for knowledge, skills, education and professional opportunities. Immigrants have been a vital source of economic growth, contributing ideas, innovation, wealth and a steady supply of vibrancy. We have contributed a lot to enrich the country where we are living, and also an extended support to our motherland. Even though we have accepted modern means of living, improved our lifestyle, our values and beliefs are still bound together by deeply emotional roots.


Garshom TV is an attempt to showcase the life and various facets of malayalee immigrants around the globe. A great value entertainment media in Malayalam, a dedicated 24/7 HD broadcasting on the web.

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